Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sandy Time

Along our trip we spent a little time on the California Coast. Tyson loved the sand but for some reason he had trouble with the roar of the ocean.

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Home

We are now Okies. It's hard to believe we made it and our stuff as well. The trip was great. Day one was Portland to Campbell, CA (south of San Jose) There we spent 3 night with our friends the McAlpins. The next venture was to Porterville, CA to hang with our friends the Lusk's. We had just planned on hanging out and maybe eating dinner together, but they wanted us to stay and offered up their bed. What hearts the Lusk's have. they have 6 kids and an additional 30+ that night (not including us) from the staff and interns that work at the church camp they run. It was a full house to say the least. The next day after church and lunch was our shot out to Kingman, AZ. No friends there just a Motel to stay in. The following day we were able to go see the Grand Canyon. (It's pretty big. Almost fake looking.) Then we finished our day trip to stay in a Motel again at Albuquerque, NM. The next day we headed toward Lubbock, TX to stay with our friends the Wheelers, but on the way we were able to stop and chat with the Schaffer's in Clovis, NM. It was so nice to hook up with some of my Acappella family again. The next 3 nights were great to be with Josh and Mandy. Then there was one last push to our new home. Once we arrived in Edmond, OK we went right away to see our apartment. (Which we reserved without viewing in person.) Oh My! It was scary looking. We tried to find a different place to live before our moving truck arrived, but no luck. The trailor was dropped off at that complex and we decied to tough it out untill we found out what it would take to get out of a lease. (Luckily we had not signed anything.) So plan B came about and we ended up being able to stay a few nights with Serena's old dorm parents from Cascade/ friends, Ryan and Karen Wagner. The next day we frantically search for a safer residence and God provided. Under the circumstances we shouldn't have been able to get in, but God did his thing and pulled all the right strings. It's taken awhile to get unpacked and all set up since we went down to Frisco, TX to visit my sister and her family. My new niece is so beautiful. Little Kenzie Ann let Serena and I get in lots of baby cuddle time. After 4 nights there, we are finally back and getting all the little things set up and hung. This post is provided by my "new" labtop from school. It may not be new and unused, but it's getting the job done. (Hopefully we'll get our desktop fixed soon.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I can't believe it's here. Moving day is tomorrow. We will pack the trailer up today and head down to Edmond, OK tomorrow. Please pray for Serena, Tyson and I as we venture out to take in some of our country and travel to the great state of Oklahoma. Also pray for my folks as they will no longer have a grandchild close by to love on. This pic above is something you can find Tyson doing quite often. He would usually chase our dog Sam around to try and scoop him up.