Sunday, November 19, 2006

Going "Home"

I'm excited for this Tuesday. Not only do I celebrate 26 years of life, but I'm also heading home to P-town. We fly in late afternoon and stay through Sunday. I'm hoping to see as many folks as possible while we're there. Come join us at the Gresham Buster's for diner Tuesday night. Love to see any of my NW friends faces. Here is a lovely pic from my parents back yard. I miss this view along with many others. I don't miss the rain however.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Warren Barfield
On Friday night we had the previledge of hangin with Warren Barfield. He did a concert in Edmond, OK and as usual it was stinkin' awesome. This concert was a little different because there were only about 40 of us. It was awkward at first and I thought to myself, wow to bad the promoter didn't do some more work. After some time into it all though, I was glad to be in such intimate setting. The concert started out with the Mark Ryan band. They had a similar feel to Chris Tomlin. Very worship oriented, but maybe more upbeat. (lacked variety) The next was another local guy who was quite talented. His name is Cody Dunbar to me he had a similar sound to Jason Maraz. He was a phenomenal guitar player and he used a loop pedal in a few songs. Quite impressive and left me wanting more. Then "the Man" Barfield brought his typical passion and humor to us. He shared more about how his songs came about and shared more of his heart. He now has his friend Walt Smith playing Bass with him which was quite tasteful. If you get a chance, you need to go see Warren perform. Check him out here.
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