Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reunion of Friends

Over the last weekend I was blessed with a reunion of friends from Portland. Of all places, it was in Abilene, TX. Saturday was a songwriters workshop followed by the lecturships starting Sunday evening. Sunday morning we found ourselves having a hard time intering the auditorium from the lobby because there was a small version of East County CofC chatting away in the lobby. That morning I was approached by Mark Love to see if a few friends and I could fill in for a music act that canceled on him for lecturships. I had planned on getting back to school, but any opportuninty to jam with my friends will usually pull me away from what I should do. So Ike, Steve, Zach, Peter, and I got together for a couple of hours to "toss" together some music. Things were a little rough, but God was glorified and I had tons of fun. Thanks to all you guys for jammin' with me.

What Every Restroom Needs!

I thought I should share this wonderful peice of information. My first visit to the Mens restroom in the gym here at school had me laughing. What a useful chart for life.