Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feelin' Funky

Not sure what to think of life right now. It's been so tough with very little work and not much direction as far as where God is taking me. I want so bad to be doing music ministry and I'm hoping the Lord will do something wild with our family. I wonder if this stagnant life is due to my lack of faith and practice of His will? I've been pushing myself lately to be more in tune with what God would want me to do and like usual, I fall short. Time for some kneeling before His throne. I want so badly for my family to be blessed by our creator and for there to be so much peace within us all. This Sunday we are starting a Financial Peace group from our church. I look forward to the way God can us this tool in our life. We may not be making any money right now, but at least we can try to manage and do God's will with what we have.
I've been blessed to lead a men's Bible study the last week and again this Thursday. It's a bit early for my taste, (6am) but it's a blessing to be with these guys and to learn from each other. Last week I talked about Jesus' love and how He set an example for us. This week I've decided to teach where it hurts. Lust is what we will talk about and this is my biggest struggle. I lust after the wrong things and I know it is hurting my relationship with my heavenly father. My eyes wander to where they shouldn't and my mind goes where it's not healthy. Whether it's possessions or the opposite sex, I'm not living the way God wants me too. I know I'm being a bit open for this blog, but I can't be fake. I've got issues and I have a feeling I'm not the only one in the group who struggles with those things. My prayer life is getting healthier and I guess like a jeweler does with the gold, I am being refined by some fire.
Thank you Lord for all you do. I pray that my time in the pit is preparing me for what you have in mind. I pray that you do awesome and amazing things with my family and that I can be the best father/husband you created me to be. Help me to serve others so I can show Your Love. I am your servant so please speak to me.
In Jesus' Name. Amen.