Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun With The Cousins

Tyson had a blast like he always does with his cousins. We headed down to my sisters place on Thursday evening and left on Sunday after lunch. Saturday I spent my day hanging out with the Acappella guys and enjoyed a great concert that night at the church where my sister attends. Here are a few pics of the kids playing in the $20 pool my sister bought for them. It was a great deal for all that was included. I love this last pic with Braden and Tyson holding hands.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ACAfest and Reunion

This last week was such a blast. I headed up to Nashville, TN on Tuesday with a couple of guys from Oklahoma and then got back on Sunday about midnight. Throughout the week I was busy mostly hanging out with Zach and other friends who live in Nashville, but I also was attending some classes of ACAfest. One night was a surprise when I ended up eating dinner with my Aunt and Uncle Joyce and Hugh. My Uncle James lives there in Nashville and Joyce and Hugh happened to pass through on the way to Indiana. It was nice to catch up with family. On Saturday night ACAfest was celebrated with a 25th Reunion Concert with Acappella. WOW! What a concert. There were some sound issues and for some reason I ended up running sound for the second half. The line-up consisted of the "Fab Four" (Wayburn Dean, George Pendergrass, Gary Moyers, Duane Adams) then Rodney Britt, Keith Lancaster, Gary Evans, and the current five members. Keith wanted to pay for everyone from the past to come, but the budget wouldn't allow it. He's hoping to have past members come back each year for the ACAfest concert. It would be a great event to attend consistantly. Here are a few pics from practice, and soundcheck. I'll try to post some video later.