Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tyson's Party

So over the weekend we were blessed to have my family come into town to celebrate Tyson's birthday. The theme as you can see was CARS. Lightning McQueen made his presence as our cake (It was oh so good. White cake with bavarian cream filling.) and we were joined by friends from church and Serena's nanny family. Serena is so awesome. She puts such hard work into making things so wonderful. Her cakes are the bomb and she is such a servant. She also made a cake for my dad (his birthday was May 2) when they first flew in on Thursday. This cake was chocolate with the bavarian cream filling and topped with crushed Butterfingers. I beleive this was my favorite of all. It was so moist and had such great flavor.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tyson's 2

WOW! Already 2 years old. He is definitely acting like he is 2, and yet we still love him to death. God was brilliant when he made children do the cutest and funniest things. One minute Tyson will throw a fit filled with hitting and screaming then all a sudden he will give you a hug and kisses. Today he had a blast playing at Chick-fil-a. "Slide" is one of his favorite words. Whenever we get near a park or play structure he says slide. Thank you Lord for blessing us with 2 years of adventure and love we can't describe. Now I have insight to a portion of that faithful love you have for me.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hey Y'all! It's been awhile but things here have been great. On the 11th Serena and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. For my gift I received pink socks and a stocking cap that says "I love Daddy" on it. So here comes another Coles. Not that we know it's a girl, but we are hoping for one of those. Serena should be due right around Christmas. Right now we think it's the 30th of Dec. The night before we just got home from a 2 week choir tour. It was such a blessing to have Serena and Tyson with me. There were a couple of rough days when Tyson didn't get the nap he needed, but otherwise he had a blast. Tyson was voted tour pimp and did plenty of flirting with the ladies. We sang in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and mostly Florida. The beaches in Florida were amazing and Tyson could not get enough of them. It was great to watch him chase the waves out and in return be chased by the waves. We stayed with wonderful host families where Tyson referred to any male older than me as Bapa. (Grandpa) He loves grandpas and is always searching for one.

Thank you Lord for blessing us tremendously!