Friday, December 12, 2008

Confused and Stressed

Right now I am a loss of what to do. My 2 classes this semester have been polar opposites. First there is my Hermeneutics class that has to be my most favoritest class ever and then my Theories in Psychology and Counseling that would be the worstest class in the history of worst classes. The content in the Psyc. and Counseling is good and works, but the professor has been horrible. English is not her first language and she would write the tests so poorly that I didn't have clue what she was talking about. On top of that, I'm stuck with misunderstanding a message online which now results in me not being able to pass the class. (I thought a class was canceled and it wasn't. This was a presentation day for projects and she will give no leeway.) Because my test scores were so poor, this takes my C to an F. Now this takes me to my next problem. How will I pay for these classes? I'm under a private scholarship that requires me to have a 2.5 GPA and now it's not going to happen. I'm so scared! We don't have enough money to pay our monthly bills and now toss on a few grand. Back to the Hermeneutics class has been so wonderful. The professor is brilliant and explains everything so well. I've never looked forward to sitting in a classroom so much. The class has only consisted of learning each style of hermeneutic and reflecting on books and the Bible in 6 short papers. I've never felt like I've learned so much before in a class. Please pray for miracles to happen.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Lately things have been so tight financially. Both Serena and I have been out of work, but most recently a friend came to our rescue and provided me with painting and other odds and ends. When things are so tough I feel like God gives me a friendly reminder of who is in control. Serena and I always talk about wanting to have our own place and to afford the simple things, but at least God has blessed us with a safe place to live and with a loving family. We are so lucky to have my parents who love us and will make sure we are taken care of. Thank you Lord for providing us with all we need and for the things that we just want. You are our provider and in control.