Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Blessings

Tyson had a blast this last weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Melissa, and cousins Braden and Kenzie. My folks flew down to Dallas on Thursday and drove up with my sister. They stayed through Tuesday morning till they headed back for the Dallas airport. What a blessing it was to be all together for Easter and for some great family time. Things were quite loud and hectic at times with the kids, but what a blast. We did a few games of Nertz and watched multiple movies. It was tough to have the weather so cold and crummy. It snowed on Friday which was weird itself. My mom was excited to come down to the south for some warm weather, but Portland ended up having an 80 degree day when we got the snow. Once they left our tiny apartment actually felt empty. My parents spoiled us all with food and gifts. Actually they overwelmed us with things that are a huge blessing. Thank you mom and dad for loving on us all like crazy.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

All Men Will Know

THis is my buddy Zach tearin' it up. The song and video are quite powerful.