Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's up with me?

So my blog is obviously lacking in posts. I'm not sure where time has gone. I've been busy working for my dad. We've been building a house in Oregon City and are just a couple weeks away from finishing. Right now I am posting from the grand land of Gravelbourg, SK, Canada. I helped my father in law move hay to they're new farm. (That's always a decent chore.) After hauling 300 bales we tied down a tarp over the 1000 bales. They are getting a manufactured house moved in on their full basement they built out there. My father in law is a pulpit minister who can't get away from the farming life. He is now adding sheep to his list. One of the most exciting projects for me right now is the recording studio I've been building in my parents basement. I plan on recording groups I sing with and also recording others for some side income. It will be nice to have projects while school is going. The more I record, the more I get a bug for it. It can be addicting. I'll try to post pics or even a video tour of the tiny studio.