Sunday, October 21, 2007


So this weekend was a pretty big deal for me. A group who I have grown up listening to asked me to do the vocal percussion for them. It was a reunion of sorts for the guys. They sang 3 songs at our church service this morning and I did perc. on 2 of them. We also did about 5 songs for the youth group off mic before service. What a blast! Not only was it fun to just be with these guys but to jam was so sweet. After we first got started Brishan Hatcher made the comment of, "So should we do 1 or 2 gigs a month." I'm hoping to post some video later, but for now here are some pics.

Thank you Jay, Max, Brian, Brishan, and Wes for this great time. Thank you to Paul and Russell for mixing us and for the new friendship. You were all such a blessing to me this weekend.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Missing Them So Much

Serena, Tyson, and of course Keely left for Canada on the 29th and won't get back till the 12th. I miss them so much! It's rough to eat by myself and to not be getting all the hugs and kisses I'm accustomed to. I look foward to their awesome smiles and love face to face again on Friday.