Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh my! Has it been that long?

It's been way too long since I've blogged. I guess I've been waiting for something really cool to happen to me, but the waiting game can get a bit boring. One thing I've been waiting for is to find out the possibility of moving back to Oklahoma, but we believe that its not going to happen now. It was all relying on the hope of joining up with Acappella since they are now teaming with Oklahoma Christian University. (read article here:
There was the possibility of this happening since 2 of the member were pushing to have me in the group. One member wasn't sure if he was going to make the move to Oklahoma from Nashville, TN but now has made the decision. I really got my hopes up and who knows what God could do since He often likes to do things last minute or just in His own fun timing. I guess I just continue to pray for God's will to be done.
Another thing I'm excited about though is the possibility of a new group forming here in Oregon. Jason Overstreet (Founder, producer, arranger, studio engineer, and I guess you could say, brains behind the group RESCUE) asked me to manage and help run a new group. We will be more worship oriented to where we can lead churches and other worship needs plus concert material. This is quite exciting to me to combine multiple passions with music and ministry in this style and to do it with a high caliber of talent and music quality. With the right hearts and voices I believe God can do some amazing things with this group. A couple of members have been chosen already and most likely we will have 6 members. I'm not one to wait on these kind of things so I'm making a push to get the right members together and to start recording as soon as possible. I plan on keeping everyone well informed on the future and what's happening with this ministry. If you could, just say a prayer for what God's plans are with the group and its future members. Whatever God's plans are, I'm getting quite excited!
Thank you Lord for always providing. Please sent the right tools for this group and provide us all with great work ethic and a passion to serve you in all we do. I love you Lord!


Valon said...

Got a bass yet? haha

Anonymous said...

We 2 our 2 .....